Peckham Rye

So on the weekend, I went out for the first time in Peckham Rye!!

After living 9 month living s in Shoreditch and spending most of my nights out in Shoreditch, I would not had thought I’d be raving so much about the night¬†to the point I would be writing a post about it!

The night started at Busseys – well it should had started at Busseys but we arrived too late (places closes at 11pm and last people are allowed in at 10pm)

Busseys is a cool rooftop bar/cinema in Peckham Rye less than 10 minutes away from the Peckham Rye station.

The night really started at Peckham Springs – it also ended there too!

My new favourite place for a night out – who would’ve thought. The environment was very relaxed, no one was over dressed, no one was trying to impress anyone, the music was so good, fun and alternative and the drinks were so cheap!

As I have said before – I wish I took pictures! Getting into a bad habit of enjoying myself too much to photograph anything (hides face).

Photo credit - The Debrief
Photo credit – The Debrief


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