Interview lessons #1

I recently had my first interview for a training contract!

It was at a Central London law firm in St Pauls. The firm specialised in varied legal matters and also dealt with charity law (which is why I applied in the first place).

The interview was very exciting and nerve-racking. But in the end, I did not get the job.

Surprisingly, I was not as upset about it as I thought it would be. The interview was a great experience and as my first ever training contract interview, I learnt a lot.

I thought it would be good to share what I learnt on this site for others, and also for future reference for myself!

Interview Lessons learnt:

I learnt the importance of staying professional. Even when those who are interviewing you are relaxed, slouching and talking in a friendly relaxed manner. It is always important to keep your back straight and not to lose focus.

I learnt that you should always check which seats they have before the interview. The firm I had the interview at did not have any information about the traineeship on their website, this should have been an obvious indication that I should use my initiative and contact them via phone! But I didn’t… I made assumptions and this definitely bit me in the back when I talked about charity law to find out they had no charity seat!

I learnt to stay true to yourself. I was so nervous about not being perfect enough I ended up revising and memorising the things I should say. There is nothing wrong with revising what you plan on saying for an interview, but if you are memorising it will always come across unnatural in the interview.

I learnt the power of bluff. The firm want to employ you, so even if you are not 100% confident in yourself, you need to make out that you are and show them why you are the best, even if that means bluffing! Yes I am sassy and awesome and everything you want in a trainee!!

Hope you found my tips useful, I know they are pretty generic but it was my first ever traineeship interview.

Law interviews are a whole different ball game and I think if you can nail the basics, you will power through every other interview stage!


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