Interview lessons #1

I recently had my first interview for a training contract!

It was at a Central London law firm in St Pauls. The firm specialised in varied legal matters and also dealt with charity law (which is why I applied in the first place).

The interview was very exciting and nerve-racking. But in the end, I did not get the job.

Surprisingly, I was not as upset about it as I thought it would be. The interview was a great experience and as my first ever training contract interview, I learnt a lot.

I thought it would be good to share what I learnt on this site for others, and also for future reference for myself!

Interview Lessons learnt:

I learnt the importance of staying professional. Even when those who are interviewing you are relaxed, slouching and talking in a friendly relaxed manner. It is always important to keep your back straight and not to lose focus.

I learnt that you should always check which seats they have before the interview. The firm I had the interview at did not have any information about the traineeship on their website, this should have been an obvious indication that I should use my initiative and contact them via phone! But I didn’t… I made assumptions and this definitely bit me in the back when I talked about charity law to find out they had no charity seat!

I learnt to stay true to yourself. I was so nervous about not being perfect enough I ended up revising and memorising the things I should say. There is nothing wrong with revising what you plan on saying for an interview, but if you are memorising it will always come across unnatural in the interview.

I learnt the power of bluff. The firm want to employ you, so even if you are not 100% confident in yourself, you need to make out that you are and show them why you are the best, even if that means bluffing! Yes I am sassy and awesome and everything you want in a trainee!!

Hope you found my tips useful, I know they are pretty generic but it was my first ever traineeship interview.

Law interviews are a whole different ball game and I think if you can nail the basics, you will power through every other interview stage!


The Crunchy Rolling Life


Junior Lawyers Division Annual Conference 2015

On 18th April 2015 I attended the Junior Lawyers Division Conference. I attended on the basis of networking and learning more about the life of a young person in the legal profession. It was a full day event from 9.45am till 5pm.

Although it was a bit pricey (tickets were around £70 excluding VAT), boy I impressed. There were law graduates, LPC students such as myself, paralegals, trainee solicitors and solicitors who had up to five years post-qualification experience in attendance.

The central point of the conference was in the beautiful Law Society common room. If I had not gone there for the purpose of networking with other legal professions I definitely would have snapped a few photos to show you all how beautiful the place is!

The day consisted of keynote speeches from the Junior Lawyers committee, practical networking sessions and networking opportunities.


The speeches that stood out to me were those from Felipe Alviar-Baquero who is a lawyer and a previous candidate on the show the Apprentice. It was great to here him speak outside television. He is a very wise and compassionate man who spends a lot of time advocating and raising money for those struggling in South America. He advised us looking to become lawyers to think seriously about if it what we really want to do, and to use our time effectively. its is not necessarily all about the money but how many lives you can impact with the opportunities given to you. I wholly agreed with what he was saying, I thought it was sweet and very true.

Rupert Vernalls who is CEO and founder of Stratology, which is an online resource for busy professionals focusing on the best way to run a business and even provides an MBA course for those interested in gaining another qualification that they can schedule around their lives.  It was interesting to learn some fundamental basics of a business, the internal, general and industrial analysis that needs to take place, why business is important for law and some preliminaries about their website.

Caroline Goyder was probably my favourite speaker of the evening, just because her talk was completely unexpected. Goyder is a vocal coach, trainer, speaker, author of Gravitas and Oxbridge graduate. As a person who grew up with lawyers as parents, she understands how busy and stressful life can get for those within the legal profession, she took us through a range of speaking and breathing exercises and talked to use about the importance of confidence.


I was truly blessed during my time at the conference, I sat with two trainee lawyers from Farrer and Co, one of the UKs leading Charity firms and also the Queen of England’s firm. I was also sitting with a paralegal from Russell-Cooke Solicitors, another well known firm that specialises in Charity law. It was great to talk to them about my interest in charity law, hear them discuss their experiences whilst on a charity seat and gain advice from them on applications.

There was only really one tip: apply, apply, APPLY oh and also to not fear rejection.

I was also able to get my CV checked by a trainee solicitor from the co-operative legal services. She was lovely and promised to get me in touch with those she knew in the charity sector and thosw who were working in the legal department of charities.


I would really encourage those who are interested in progressing in their legal journey to attend the Junior Lawyer conference, despite it being very expensive you are fed both physically and mentally.


The Crunchy Rolling Life