On Purpose networking event

On Monday I had the privilege of attending my first Charity Networking event.

Career networking events are a great way to learn more about the profession you want to go into and a fantastic opportunity to meet with new people who are either:

– Already working for the Company or workplace you are interested in or;

– In your position

On Purpose is an organisation that runs one year placements for adults who have decided that they want a career that aims to make a positive difference to society.

Although I knew I was too inexperienced to apply to the programme (they tend to take on adults who have 5-6 years work experience). I found the networking event very insightful, I learnt a lot about social enterprise and got to meet some very interesting people who were all passionate about changing society. I met two lawyers who had left the legal profession to take on new challenges, one had just got a job as at Cancer Research and another was planning on applying for the On Purpose placement.

My favourite things about the whole experience was the fact we got to meet the CEO of On Purpose, Tom Rippin. It was great to ask him questions about the scheme and other general comments about working in social enterprise.

I also liked the fact that the event took place in fair-trade bar and café called Fairly square, the first fair-trade bar in London and also a start-up business because it showed that On Purpose are actively supporting and promoting meaningful businesses.


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