Hi, welcome to my blog The Crunchy Rolling Life!

I created this blog to document my life, as I go on a quest to do many things, most prominently become a Charity Lawyer.

As a recent law graduate who is studying the Legal Practice Course, I am realising that the road to becoming a Charity Lawyer is long and tough. Charity Law in itself is a niche area of law and even in London, there seems to be only a small amount of firms dedicated to the sector.

I definitely believe that Charity Law and the Charitable Sector in itself is something that is only going to become more increasingly recognised and acknowledged in society.

Especially with more corporations recognising that as well as making their profits, they need to give back, the public who are becoming increasingly aware of the issues that are going on in the world and wanting to make a difference and charities who are continuing to provide and make large contributions to the function of societies and communities.

I will also be posting other personal quests that I am on or even completed and I feel like celebrating with the blogging sphere!

I am very excited about this, and all that life holds!!!



The Crunchy Rolling Life